Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does, "RP" mean?

  • RP means, "Role Play."

  • What is role playing?

  • Role Playing is just like an actor playing a role in a movie only here, you can role play as characters you select from our database or upload on your own. It's just like a writer writing a book, like, "Lord of the Rings" or, "Harry Potter!" Simply write your story, and with our platform you will see your posts lighting up the screen like a magical comic book!

  • What is an avatar?

  • An avatar is an image of a character you are posting as in your story. You can either select a character from our database or upload your own from your hard drive.

  • What does OOC mean?

  • "OOC" means, "Out Of Character." It is used when you want to warn the other writers about a plot devlopment or for any other reason. With Quill.js, you can easily post out of character with a simple button.

  • What is quill.js (bubble)?

  • quill.js is third party software used to make your posting experience awesome. Simply hightlight a segment of text, and you can tansform them into headers, text decorations, and OOC segments.

  • Can other authors join my story and make additions and changes?

  • Yes! All they have to do is go to your story and apply. When creating your story, you can select an option to make your story public or not. If not, then a member must apply to your story and he or she can easily make changes with the click of a button. After they apply, a notification will be given to the story creator (admin) and he can then approve or deny an application.

  • Can other authors of my story delete posts?

  • Yes! This is to help your story from being botched by lack of control. When all authors have control of all characters and posts, they can easily adjust another post for various reasons. The most common reason is so one character can interact with another character without waiting for the creator of that character to be online. We recommend choosing your authors carefully beacuse of this!