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Beautiful Displays

Create your story with beautiful and seamless displays. This website was inspired by Twitter Bootstrap 5.3 which means it displays well on all devices, including but not limited to tablets and phones! It will look beautiful with all posts!

I took my time with the devopment of this site so it should look great no matter what your role playing style is. Whether it is Romance, Adventure, or Sci-Fi, it will look beautiful and seamless!

Easily Manage Authors

Easily kick people out of a story, while preserving their content! I made it easy so it's just a simple step away to prevent your content from being misused by authors you have accepted invites from.

You can delete their posts one by one, or simply kick them and retain the content they've created. I saw it as a necessary step because you can't always predict the future of a relationship, even if you are that kind of person! 😁 Lol!

Insert, Edit, and Delete Posts Easily!

Delete posts easily with admin controls! Edit posts too! You can even insert posts where ever you want! This is very different than many of the other Role Playing platforms I've seen. Most of the time, you have to beckon the admin of the forum to get attention like that, but now with djinn.blog, any of your authors can adjust a post with just a simple click.

Maybe they wanted a segway for their introduction, or maybe they wanted someone to react to something their character did! It's all just a click away. Be warned though, any author you accept applications from can have full control over the stories posts, so be careful who you let into your fantasies.

Thousands of Wallpapers to Choose from!!

Yes indeed, we have an extensive database of predetermined wallpapers for you to choose from. Some of them are a little corny... but most of the time they are pretty captivating! If you don't like any of our suggestions, you can upload your own. I recommend you choose a great wallpaper for your story, because these days, alot of people really do, "Judge a book by it's cover!"

I guess it's just something we couldn't help. People have access to so much computing power these days, that it became inevitable! Oh well, atleast that's not going to stop any of us from expressing ourselves in our fantasies here @ djinn.blog!

Tens of Thousands of Avatars to Choose from too!

We also have tons of avatars for you to choose from whenever you want to create a new character. This is very helpful if you want to introduce a side character that your character is meant to interact with briefly... but if you're a fanatic, we recommend uploading your own avatar images! This makes the experience much more intimate.

Please remember that you're stories will be public to anyone, so please have some class when uploading character images to my site. It would break my heart of you abuse my hard work, so please try to avoid doing that!